Linking to GitHub

Git-Tool ❤️ GitHub and has some first class integrations to make working with it a little bit easier. One of these features is the ability to automatically create GitHub repositories when you run gt new.

Installing the Service

If you don't already have the service in your config then you'll want to go and install it by running:

gt config add services/github


To enable the automatic creation of GitHub repositories, you'll need to be authenticated. This is done by creating a new Personal Access Tokenopen in new window and providing that to Git-Tool.

The Personal Access Token you generate needs to have the following options configured:

  • Repository Access: All repositories
  • Permissions
    • Repository permissions / Administration: Read and Write

Once you've generated the new Personal Access Token, run the gt auth command for your service and paste the token there.

gt auth gh


Git-Tool stores your access tokens in your system keychain to help keep them safe from prying eyes, but this doesn't stop someone with physical access to your computer from finding them, so please be careful and only use this on trusted devices.


If you would prefer not to create GitHub repositories by default, you can disable the create_remote feature by running gt config feature create_remote false.

By default, we'll create Private repositories on GitHub, however you can create Public repositories instead by disabling the create_remote_private feature by running gt config feature create_remote_private false.